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call it a holy war ☢

it's the sum of your fears
history repeats itself                                web portal

the war will soon begin                          hetalia complete download

it's already ten to twelve                         twitter

we're almost within                                 tumblr

no dad please
half smile?


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Seems like this is goodbye
that wasn't nice
Well as you've probably realized, I don't really hang out on LJ anymore.  It was fun while it lasted but frankly I don't really have time anymore to update every few days and keep everyone interested in my (noninteresting) life.  I'm packed full with school, work, cats and working on Ascent.  There's very little in there for me to even hang out with my boyfriend, much less participate in online journals.

I'm sorry to all you who friended me on memes then never got to talk to me because I disappeared.    I really am.  Hopefully you have other people to talk to besides me.

I still hang around the internet pretty regularly...my work is mostly on the computer and I do get bored/need distractions sometimes.  You can find me on twitter ALL THE FUCKING TIME and on Tumblr too.  I log in at least once a day and post pictures and stuff.  But no longer on LJ.

I will keep this account up because who knows, one day I may come back, but for now this journal is in limbo.

Later dudes.

corrupta est autem terra coram Deo
that wasn't nice
21 Icons
Durararararararararara! - 21

i actually don't know latinCollapse )

Don't steal and such like
Crediting is nice♥
All images are official
Enjoy :]

oh, it's gettin' easy
watchin u
Hetalia - 42
Star Trek - 2
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - 1
Durararararararararara! - 1
Misc. - 2

like a stack of bright white dinnerplatesCollapse )

Don't steal and such like
Crediting is nice♥
All artwork is from Pixiv or 4Chan...aka idk who drew it
I can upload fullsize images upon request
Enjoy :]

i want to be set free....
watchin u
Hetalia - 65
Soul Eater - 9
The Legend of Zelda - 4
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World -  3

omg seriously this is like the 15th time I've tried to cut this.Collapse )

watchin u
Eventually I'll get off my lazy ass and make a LietxPol MAD out of that song because it's just so cute and for some reason it reminds me of them.

Okay okay I know I've been posting like EVERY SINGLE DAY but I downloaded the Annon subbed version of FMA:B episode 21 and I couldn't NOT post the caps from it. Seriously they're just too freaking hilarious.

I'm not one to download shoddy subs but I didn't read the subber's name (thought it was Tomodachi for some reason,) until after the download was complete, so I decided to watch it anyway.


Seriously this has just made my entire day. See for yourself.

my belief is goooooooone...Collapse )

Yeah anyway. I'm gonna go eat some Toblerone and finish reading Doomwyte (Ted Dekker's Chaos is next on the list since it has holds on it already and it's short, then A Game of Thrones!) and then go to sleeep ; ; Class tomorrow and then maaath homeworrrkkkk ugh. I should have done that homework yesterday while I was bored out of my mind, but you know what...I'm always gonna be a procrastinator.

Lol this makes three posts in a row I've ended up with Birthday Massacre as my song I'm listening to. It's not on purpose, I swear, hahha, it's just shuffle apparently loves them x]
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